Chilean Fox Terrier

Country of originChile
The Chilean Fox Terrier, also known as Ratonero (rat hunter), Chilean Rat Terrier or Chilean Terrier, is the first Chilean breed of dogexisting from 1870 and standardised in the late 1990s for international recognition. Its base is made up of the Fox Terrier of the mid 19th century and Native American dogs.


The Ratonero has black and tan spots on a white fur, it is short-haired and has a grey undercoat which lets some dark spots visible on the white cover coat. The ears are set high, falling upwards in the form of a "V". Well-developed teeth, scissor bite. The Chilean Fox Terrier is easy to train, active, affective, and one of the healthiest and cleanest dog breeds.

Famous Chilean Fox Terriers

A famous Chilean Fox Terrier is Washington (from the comic "Condorito"), Condorito's dog. Though it's not recognised internationally, there have been several Ratoneros' exhibitions in Chile and now the breed is selling through internet pages all along ChileBoliviaArgentina, and other South American countries.



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